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BM RELAUNCH! And the Big Anticlimax Reveal…

New look, new contributors, same old snark

(and one new-old face)

Welcome to the new-look Berlaymonster blog. We’ve lipsticked this pig RIGHT up.

The relaunch marks an effort to breathe new life into this website, once a go-to for an alternative take on the EU and its dramatis personae (see a brief history of the 'monster here).

We do so with the welcome collaboration of new contributors, notably Martini Seltzermayr and American EU Dude off-of the twitters, who have already in recent weeks been gracing these pages with their penpersonship.

You may even see a fourth new-old face, as the individual behind the BM finally gives up on a long-standing charade of secrecy.

For some of you in the most venerable of inner Brussels bubbles, that individual’s identity will come as no surprise. For most in the broader beltway, we fully anticipate deafening indifference at the announcement. But far be it for that to get in the way of a largely opportunism- and ego-driven decision.

So you may expect to see me, Duncan Lumsden, popping up from time to time, and I fully expect to be invited to all your cocktail receptions, once they’re allowed again.

Hat doffed to all who have helped and contributed in the last 15 years. Looking forward to many more.


(& DL)

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