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BM, now EU-approved!

Well that was odd.

Today’s European Commission midday briefing ended with an extraordinary endorsement from presiding spokémon Olivier Bailly.

A propos of absolutely nothing, he appealed to the gathered hacks and the literally several who tune in online to ‘follow the Berlaymonster on twitter’.

This, after yours truly had spent the best part of the morning fulminating online at the notion that pomme de terre Barroso (aka ‘Bozo’ in BM posts passim) should enjoy a third term at the helm.

Fellow eurotweeps were swift to point out the implications. “Kiss of death” said @BrunoBrussels off of the Telegraph. “A worrying development” said @bopanc off of the Sunday Times. “What is the world coming to?” said @NatashaBertaud off of, erm, the European Commission press service.

Chuffed to be mentioned in such glowing terms anywhere, and it added a whole 9 new followers to BM’s meagre twitter account. Though some may have also hastily reached for the ‘unfollow’ in distaste.

Perhaps a sign it’s time for a holiday.

I’m off somewhere warm with a box-set of The Thick Of It, the complete works of Jonathan Swift, and a claw-sharpener (BM patent-pending).


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