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Behold, I will foretell your future, by Mystic Maroš

Brussels resident psychic Maroš Šefčovič gives us a sneak, and considerably more interesting, preview of his Strategic Foresight report.

Tis I, Mystic Maroš. I bring you news of the great beyond. For yes, even in the Brussels beltway, there are those who can see far away, into the world beyond. No I don’t mean Tervuren. Beyond even that. The Beyond.

Cross my palm with silver and ye shall know your future. Yes, about 21,000 a month should do it, Thanks. Now step with me and look into the crystal ball, and I shall foretell what lies ahead.

Let us gaze, as the EU together, into what the future holds for relationships. In your future I see … I see trouble with a difficult neighbour. Look to the east and you will see much aggression. Yes, I realise ideally that should have been in the 2021 report. Still, better late than never.

To the north, too, they are playing silly buggers. Why? Let me gaze into the ball… I see.. sausages? Yes, definitely sausages. A quarrel over sausages. No, me neither. Actually, now I look at it, there’s spot of bother in our relations to the south too. Maybe just all the relationships are bad in general? Ah well, never mind. Thus speaketh the prophecy.

I peer through the mist, to tell what the future holds for your health. I see… a pillar. A key pillar, in fact. A key pillar that fills a gap. Wait, the mist is clearing, I can read, it is …the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response department. Our health shall never again suffer the ravages of Covid-19. 22 or 23, sure, maybe, but not 19. For so it is foretold.

Oh, ye people of Brussels, let me look into the beyond and foretell what lies ahead in your work life. I see meetings. There are many meetings in your future. But what for? Well, mainly to prepare other meetings. Sometimes to prepare conferences. Conferences on the future of Europe. Those conferences will herald many meetings. The oracle has spoken.

But wait, what is this? I see a man, a stranger. Lots of strange men in fact. A couple of women, but lots of men. In any case, definitely strange. Oh no, hang on, that’s just another of the meetings.

Also… I don’t know, something about digital? Apparently there’s this thing called the internet now. Yeah put something about digital in there. Thx.


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